Thank you for purchasing a custom shower enclosure from VanGO Shower Glass!

Your bathroom is our showroom, so we want it to look great. To help you get off to the best start possible, follow these steps:


Please read all product safety labels & take recommended precautions. These instructions are not intended to replace the manufacturer’s recommendations. Do not use your new shower until silicone has cured a full 48 hours. Contact with the silicone before 48 hours may require removal and reinstallation of your glasswork at additional labour rates.


48 hours or more after installation, you may clean & seal the glass to avoid streaking. To keep your shower looking it’s best, it’s important you avoid any abrasive cleaners or cloths.

Included in your package, you will find a microfilament cloth, meant to keep your shower clean using only warm water. Simply dampen the microfilament (or another microfibre cloth) with very warm water, being careful not to scald yourself in the process. Wring out the cloth so that it no longer drips, then thoroughly wipe the glass, concentrating on any spots or streaks. Rinse and wring out as needed until all the glass has been wiped down. Stubborn spots may require the use of a glass cleaning product, applied with a separate soft cloth.

We also recommend investing in an inexpensive squeegee. Use it to quickly wipe down the glass after every shower or two, to prevent streaks and water spots.


To further prevent spots & streaks, we recommend the application of the Surface Protectant included in your package. This product is environmentally friendly and will not cause build up of product on your glass.

  1. Protect your shower base with an old towel or drop cloth, to catch any drips and avoid creating a slipping hazard.
  2. Using a clean but disposable cotton rag or dishcloth, spray a coat of Surface Protector onto the inside of the first glass panel, then wipe in a clockwise direction. Alternate spraying and wiping until the entire surface is covered.
  3. Consider repeating this step, this time wiping counter-clockwise to ensure you have covered all of the glass. Then move along to any remaining panels, then allow to dry to a haze (20 minutes).
  4. Once dry, buff the glass with a clean, dry cotton towel or microfibre cloth (but NOT the microfilament cloth provided with your package). Use a circular motion, like your inner Karate Kid (wax on… wax off…!)

That’s it!

The sealer will require reapplication every 6-12 months depending on frequency of use. The bottle of surface protector will generally last 3-4 applications depending on your size of shower.